Saturday, December 10, 2011

Santa's Stuck

In Reading Group we read Santa's Stuck and then wrote our own versions.  We also created the "topper" to our writing at the Skills Center last week.  (We thought it was arts and crafts, but Miss Gilbert said we were not only having fun but actually practicing the first grade skill of "Following Written Directions.")  All of the final products were super cute, but here are 2 of them. (They are typed just like they were written!)

 When Santa was on his first house.  He did not get stuck like last Christmas.  Then on house two he had a party.  Then Santa got stuck.  Then he called for help.  Then a dog came to help.  But Santa was still stuck.  Then he called for more help.   Then a other dog came to help.  But he was still stuck.  Then a other dog came to help and it worked!  Santa was going back to the North pole.  But he did not get stuck again.
By Joseph

It was the night before Christmas.  Santa got rede.  Santa fell out the skie.  The reindeers were trying to catch Santa.  Santa fell in the chimney  Santa is stuck.  The reindeers pulld Santa.  Santa was still stuck.  The pets wocke up.  They pusht vare hard. The kids wocke up.  They pusht and pusht.  He flew but the reindeers cot Santa!
By Zachary


  1. Love it! I have quite a few followers on my blog now so I am going to share a link to your blog. Maybe we can bulk you up too. Oh, and Marlana, at Lil' Country Kindergarten helped me to make my blog button. It was more than I could handle but thankfully she was willing to help and emailed me the http address. Maybe we can figure it out for your blog too.