Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Around First Grade

Today we had Christmas Around First Grade.  We visited each first grade teacher's room for a special holiday activity.  In Mrs. Dockery's room we learned about Kwanzaa.  She made us a very yummy fruit salad!  In Mrs. Szlosek's room we learned about Christmas in Germany and the legend of the gingerbread.  The ornaments we made will be coming home tomorrow....they had to dry!  Mrs. Fischer helped us make a candy cane ornament.  Did you notice it was a pattern?  We ended the day with Miss Gilbert.  She read Mistletoe and the Christmas Kittens to us.  (Which we didn't take our eyes or ears off of, by the way!)  We also sang the Reindeer Pokey.....the reindeer version of The Hokey Pokey!  Then Miss Gilbert gave us markers (yes, MARKERS!) to color a holiday poster.   We sure accomplished a lot for an Early Release Day!

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