Sunday, February 19, 2012


Last week the story in our reading book was a biography of Ben Frankiln.   We learned all about biographies and are now writing one about a friend!  First we had to interview our friend....just like a real author might do!  The students were very professional during their interviews.  Here are a few videos of some of our interviews.  (I was too busy listening and watching the cuteness to record very much!)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!  Even though we did not have a "party" today we really enjoyed opening our valentines this afternoon!  We also did a GREAT math activity with Valentine heart gummies.  Somehow, I did not take pictures of either...oops!

We did have a surprise visitor in Reading Group this morning.  Zeus, Mrs. Dockery's class rabbit, snuck into our classroom.  We were being SO quiet and such hard workers that he just hopped right in while we were at centers.  We didn't even notice him at first....thats how hard we were working!

Here are a couple of pictures.

He must have wanted to learn about compound words at the Skills Center!

Reading Centers wore him out.  He needed to rest on the way back to his classroom!

Maybe if we are SUPER QUIET, HARD WORKERS he will visit us again tomorrow;-).

Monday, February 6, 2012

We Are 100 Days Smarter

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Oh my goodness....100 down, 80 to go!  Today we tried to do as many activities with the number 100 as we could.  There was not enough time in the day! We started our day with Calendar Math, a word search, and a treat!  We were sad that it was Zero the Hero's last day to visit, but the extra special treat he left us made us feel better!  Then we did a Color By Code, had a Numbers Race, created Name Patterns on a hundred board, 100 piece puzzles, and made designs with 100 pattern blocks.  We even did 100 jumping jacks!  Here are some of our pictures and videos for you to enjoy.

Measurement in Media

Look what we did with Mrs. Keck at Media today!  She is the best Media Teacher in the WORLD!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Blue Springs Field Trip

We made it!  Our first field trip of the year was great.
There were not very many manatee in the spring.  Ask your first grader why.....we learned about it in science!  We did spot lots of other living, birds, squirrels, and some groups even got to see alligators.  Here are a few pictures from the field trip.  I am working on a movie and will post it when it is finished!
Our new shirts!

Mom manatee and her calf.  They swam
right up to the dock!

Thank you Dr. Marshall, Mr. Falb, Mr. Fitzgerald, and Mrs. Swindle for being super chaperones!  If you have any pictures, email them to me and I will put them in our movie!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pedro and Penelope

Pedro and Penelope have completed their adventures and are back safe and sound in Room 2!  They are very lucky penguins.   I want to thank each student and family for taking Pedro and Penelope on such exciting adventures.
Pedro met Flat Stanley, rode a bike, went to the beach, and met a baby!  Penelope went to Daytona State College (several times) where she got her own ID, went roller skating, and out to dinner.
Here are a few more pictures and videos for you to enjoy!