Saturday, January 17, 2015

STEM Challenge

To wrap up our Weather Unit in science, we completed a STEM Challenge.  It helped us understand the power of wind and how to stay safe during a severe storm.
Just like in The Three Little Pigs we didn't all use the same materials.  
Here our our final houses. 
All of the houses survived the wind! After watching all of the "tests" were all able to come up with improvements that would make them withstand even higher winds!
Our wind was provided by a hair dryer!

I only have a few other pictures from our week. On Wednesday I shared our "Daily 5" routine with the rest of the teachers at Osceola during a professional development meeting. Here are some of the pictures I used in my presentation.

Here is what we will be learning about next week:
In reading, first grade will continue to read informational texts and gather information about penguins while second grade will be doing the same for bears. 
In phonics, we will be working on "ou" and "ow" words. We will be reviewing those tricky long e words, too!
In math, first grade will be adding and subtracting multiples of ten and continuing to measure to the nearest inch.  Second grade will be continuing to work on measurement. 
In science, we will be learning about the states of matter. 
In social studies, we will continue to learn about maps! 

Have a great 3 day weekend! See you Tuesday!
Ms. Gilbert

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hundredth Day Ideas

Friday, January 30 will be the 100th Day of School!  To help us celebrate we will be dressing like we are 100 years old.

  • Dressing up is OPTIONAL.  
  • Students MUST follow the dress code.
Here are some pictures of how students dressed in the past!

Ms. Gilbert