Saturday, September 27, 2014

Apple Day

Apple Day was a success.  I could not have done it without your help.  Thank you for sending in tons of apples!  We had apples of all shapes, sizes and colors.

Our day began with Writing!  We wrote recipes for Crockpot Applesauce.  This was perfect for us to discuss ingredients, measuring and sequencing.  The students brought the recipe home with them on Friday to share with you.  You will notice it does not contain cinnamon...I am NOT a fan of the taste or smell of cinnamon, so we used vanilla!

The apples and ingredients cooked for 4 hours.  After they cooked, it was time to CAREFULLY mash them!  

At the end of the day we got to taste our applesauce.  It was a hit! (Almost all of us gave it 2 thumbs up.  Kai couldn't decide if he liked it or not, but considered having seconds!)

While the applesauce was cooking, we did read several informational books about apples and conducted The Great Apple Investigation. We predicted, tested, measured and weighed!

We listened to The Little Red House.  Did you know there was a star inside every apple?  Cut an apple horizontally to see it!

We also did a taste test to see which apple was our favorite.  Red was the winner, but green and yellow were pretty popular!

Apple Day was FUN and I loved the apple inspired outfits!

I am sure you heard about our "lake" on Wednesday.  This was the picture just outside our classroom early in the day.  Thank goodness the rain let up and our "lake" was almost gone by the time we went home!

Leave a note telling your favorite part about Apple Day!

Ms. Gilbert

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Busy Week!

We had a busy 4 day week!  Tuesday was Day 20.  That means Zero the Hero visited and left a special treat with his helper!  McKenzie got to wear the cape and be my helper at Daily Math!

Wednesday was STEM Day!  We completed the Spaghetti Tower Challenge.  Each group had 7 minutes to make a plan and 20 minutes to build their towers.  They all worked very hard!

After we submitted our final products, it was time to compare and measure designs!  Some of the towers were very tall.  Last, we had to figure out how we could improve our designs.

By Thursday, Daily 3 was up and running smoothly!  For one hour of our reading block, students are at Reading, Word Work or are working with the teacher.

Thursday was Open House!  It was great to see so many families.  I hope you enjoyed getting to see your child's classroom.  The kids were VERY excited to show you what they have been working on in school! Thank you for signing up for a conference on our Conference Day.  I will be sending home reminders when the day gets closer.

Here is what we will be working on this week.
Phonics: Short and Long a
Reading Whole Group:  Point of View with different versions of The Three Pigs
Reading Small Group:  Informational Nonfiction (Apples and Johnny Appleseed)
Math 1st Grade:  Commutative Property (Turn Around Facts)
Math 2nd Grade:  Addition and Subtraction within 100
Social Studies:  Good Citizens with Johnny Appleseed
Science:  Inquiry and Investigation with apples

Last I want to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your "My Name" activities that you completed for homework this week.  We will be sharing them with the class on Monday.  They were ADORABLE and I cannot wait to hear the classroom discussions!

At Open House, one mom said, "You have the most fun job in the world!"  She was RIGHT!

Ms. Gilbert

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Lots of Learning

Hello Families!  I hope you are enjoying your 3 day weekend.
Lets start with a few important reminders and announcements!

Open House:  I hope to see you at Open House Thursday evening.  We will all be meeting in the cafeteria at 6:00.

Remind 101:  I only had 4 families sign up for Remind 101.  I encourage you to sign up to receive important information from our class.  I promise I will keep the texts to a minimum!  I will have our code available at Open House if you would like to sign up.

Blog:  I am LOVING the recent interaction on this blog!  Thank you for participating in the questions.  Families can also leave comments in the Comment section at the very bottom of each blog post.  

Homework & Planners:  Thank you for continuing to sign your child's planners nightly.  It is a great place for parent & teacher notes!  I check them everyday.  Our homework is to read each night.  Other activities in addition to the reading will be coming home throughout the school year.  At this time, I will NOT be sending home work packets or spelling lists as part of your child's homework.  

We have been busy in 1 & busy that I didn't get to take many pictures this week.  I promise I will have more to share with you next week!

We worked on building our stamina at Read To Someone this week.  This week we will begin our Daily 5 3 rotations!

In Science, we learned about inquiry skills and the scientific process!  Here is your chance to SHOW WHAT YOU KNOW!!!

Bonus:  Students- teach to your parents WHY that happened. Parents- comment BELOW in the comment section what your child taught you.

Enjoy your weekend!
Ms. Gilbert

Thursday, September 4, 2014

It is YOUR turn!

Leave me a "note" answering the question below!

You might get a bonus jump tomorrow if you answer!
Ms. Gilbert

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Day the Crayons Quit

If your child told you all about The Day the Crayons Quit because they LOVED it, then make their day.   Barnes and Noble is having a Don't Let the Crayons Quit campaign.  You can participate in store or online!
Click the picture below for more information!
Let me know if your family participates!
Ms. Gilbert