Sunday, October 13, 2013

Non Fiction Fun!

In Reading Group, we have been learning about Non Fiction text features.  We used our Prove It wands to spot them!

Read a non fiction book with your first grader.  Have them show you the features {bold words, colored words, fancy words, headings, photographs, captions, table of contents, index.......}.

Mrs. Fischer's class joined us Friday afternoon to create our pumpkin sun catchers.  They all did a GREAT job!

How are your Storybook Character Pumpkins going?
Ms. Gilbert

Monday, October 7, 2013

Storybook Character Pumpkin Contest 2013

We are so excited to be holding our 3rd Annual Storybook Character Pumpkin Contest. 
Remember this is an optional project!  Here is a copy of the letter we sent home if you missed it:

Follow the links below for some ideas:

Here are pictures from last year.

Our goal is for families to have fun with this OPTIONAL project.  We encourage families to help with the pumpkin, but please make sure the pumpkin is mostly completed by your first grader.

Have Fun!
Ms. Gilbert

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Apple Day

We had a great time learning all about apples on Friday during Apple Day!  We learned about the parts of an apple, conducted an investigation to see if apples sink or float, learned the steps for making applesauce, taste tested different kinds of apples, learned that there is a surprise inside every apple, and made stories of 10 with apples!  Here are a few pictures.

Last week we followed the Scientific Process like real life scientists.
First we asked a question:  What will happen when I mix 2 colors together?

Next we made a hypotheses.

Then we conducted the investigation by mixing our 2 paint colors together.

Finally we recorded our data.

Here is a look at some of our other investigations that we have conducted.  We recorded our data in our Science Notebook!

Ask your first grader to explain our activities to you!  They will enjoy showing you what they are learning.
Ms. Gilbert