Sunday, October 6, 2013

Apple Day

We had a great time learning all about apples on Friday during Apple Day!  We learned about the parts of an apple, conducted an investigation to see if apples sink or float, learned the steps for making applesauce, taste tested different kinds of apples, learned that there is a surprise inside every apple, and made stories of 10 with apples!  Here are a few pictures.

Last week we followed the Scientific Process like real life scientists.
First we asked a question:  What will happen when I mix 2 colors together?

Next we made a hypotheses.

Then we conducted the investigation by mixing our 2 paint colors together.

Finally we recorded our data.

Here is a look at some of our other investigations that we have conducted.  We recorded our data in our Science Notebook!

Ask your first grader to explain our activities to you!  They will enjoy showing you what they are learning.
Ms. Gilbert

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