Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jack Hartman

Jack Hartman came for our concert today.  We LOVE Jack Hartman and his songs.  We listen to and sing a lot of his songs throughout the school year.  His songs are mostly about reading and math, but some are just fun!
The concert was a HIT.  (After some of us got over the fact that Jack Hartman does not look like Justin Bieber.  Yes, that was a conversation we had before we headed to the cafeteria!)
Here are some videos.  They are not the best quality but you will get to see how much fun we had.  I should have taken more video.....but I was having too much fun singing and dancing along with the kids!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Field Trip Pictures....finally!!!!

Here are a few pictures from our field trip to see The Lorax.  I think it is safe to say the the field trip was a HUGE success!
The big "kid" in the back is Jordan.  He is my little brother who spent a day of his Spring Break helping out in our classroom!  He gets the BEST LITTLE BROTHER IN THE WORLD award!

We were so excited!

We did not take our eyes off of the screen once the movie started.  Well, except to check out how much popcorn we had left!

Don't forget that Jack Hartman is coming to put on a concert for us Wednesday!!!!!  Permission slips are due Tuesday (TOMORROW!!!!)