Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Turkey Glyph

Our Turkey Glyphs have replaced our Pumpkin Glyphs on our closet doors!  They are so cute I am sad they will only be up for a couple of weeks.
Glyphs are not just arts and crafts (even though they are really fun to make!)  They are a form of data interpretation.    When a glyph is finished, you should be able to "read" it to find out about the person who created it.  (If you came to Open House, you searched our Family Glyphs to find your family house by using the key!)


Are you going someplace or staying home for Thanksgiving?
Going: TanTurkey   Staying:  Brown Turkey

Do you like to eat turkey?
Yes:  Pear Body    No:  Oval Body

Do you like cranberry sauce?
Yes:  Eyes Up    No: Eyes Down

Where do you eat Thanksgiving dinner?
Dining Room:  Yellow Beak   Kitchen:  Orange Beak

Do you help cook Thanksgiving dinner?
Yes:  Open Beak   No: Closed Beak

Do you like gravy?
Yes:  Short, Fat Wattle    No:  Long, Skinny Wattle

What foods do you like to eat on Thanksgiving?
Red: Stuffing    Orange: Potatoes      Green:  Pie
Yellow: Corn       Purple: Beans

Do you like to eat leftovers from Thanksgiving?
Yes:  Yellow Feet    No:  Orange Feet


They Turkey Glyph key we used came from Shari Sloane (  I just made the pieces and tweaked the key a little to better fit our classroom.