Sunday, November 6, 2011

50th Day

We celebrated the 50th day of school last week.  (Wow, that was quick!)  Since 50 is half way to 100, we learned all about half!  After learning and practicing that half means dividing things into equal shares, I gave the students a little test!  After assigning each student a partner, I gave each pair 5 cookies.  The test was to see which team could divide their cookies so each partner had an equal share.  I was impressed with my student's kindness.  Most groups gave each person 2 cookies and set the remaining cookie to the side. (Very kind, but I insisted they use all of the cookies!!)  Some thought they would "help" by eating the extra cookie.  Marin and Nikki were the first group to successfully divide their cookies in half.  Marin broke the extra cookie in 2 pieces!  Way to go girls!