Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pumpkins....Science, Math and Carving!

Mrs. Debby (Miss Gilbert's mom) and Ms. Mindy (Miss Gilbert's aunt) came to school on the Friday before Halloween to help us with our fun Pumpkin Activities!  They brought 3 pumpkins with them so we could work in small groups.  Thanks to  for the great Pumpkin Books we made. Before we carved our pumpkins we used them for Science and Math.  We predicted (then tested) if our pumpkins can sink or float....what do you think?  We also weighed, measured the height, measured the circumference, and predicted the number of seeds our pumpkins would have!  Then each group had to agree on what kind of face to put on their pumpkin.  (That was the longest and hardest part of our activity! )  Finally it was time to clean out our pumpkins.  Some of us thought it was cool, some of us thought it was icky, and there were even a few that refused to touch the "icky, squishy, slimy" stuff!  After multiple hand washings, we counted the were our predictions way off!  While we were at Music, our helpers carved our pumpkins for us.  They were adorable, but you will have to take my word for it.  We were so excited to draw the names of who got to take the pumpkins home, that we did NOT take any pictures of the final product.  Can you believe it?  Here are some pictures of the process!

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