Saturday, September 15, 2012

Science Investigations and Math Stations

We did two more Science Investigations!
For our Sight Investigation we drew what we thought Oreo Cookies looked like.  Then we got Oreo Cookies and looked at them.  Then we looked at them with a hand lens....a REAL SCIENCE TOOL like REAL SCIENTISTS!  Did you know Oreos have shapes, patterns and letters on them? Check it out next time you eat one! Here are some pictures of our investigation:

We also did a Hearing Investigation!  There were 5 containers that had mystery items in them.  We had to shake them and make our predictions about what was inside.  There were bells, paper clips, rice, pennies and cotton.  Here are some pictures of that investigation:

We also started stations in Math Groups.  Here are pictures of the things Miss Gilbert's group is doing. Ms. Fischer will share hers soon!
We sort Math Facts!

Roll and Color.  We are learning to look at dice and "just know" how many dots we see without counting them.  This will help when we practice the addition strategy of counting on.  We DO NOT use our fingers when adding!!!

Sorting numbers to 10!  

Ways to Make Five!  We are learning our facts to 5 fluently!  
Wow, that was a lot of pictures!  I hope to see you all Wednesday night at Open House.  We have so much to show you!  

Miss Gilbert
Oh, by the way....Monday is DAY 20.  I wonder what that means;-)


  1. How cool is that...investigating oreo cookies! I think we know what day 20 is :-) I cant wait to hear about it and see the pics.