Saturday, September 1, 2012

10th Day of School

Wow, we have been in first grade for TEN whole days.  We have been very, very busy.  Day 10 was especially busy for us.  Two friends had birthdays, we had a practice fire drill during reading group, we experienced our first trip to the treasure box, we used our Science Books for the first time and there was a special package delivered to us.  It was SO heavy, Mr. Bronson and Ms. Stratton had to carry it all the way from the office to our carpet for Miss Gilbert.
Here is our picture with our special delivery.
The package said  "To: Ms. Gilbert's Monkeys" and was covered in 0's and Z's.  After making lots of predictions about what was in it and who sent it, we FINALLY opened it.
It was from ZERO THE HERO!  Zero the Hero is a superhero who LOVES the number 10.  He sent us a letter, a balloon, a "zero treat", a cape and his special helper.
Here are some pictures of us enjoying our yummy zero treats.

Zero the Hero doesn't just bring us treats, he helps us learn about the number 10.  We found lots of way to make the number 10 at Morning Math Meeting.
The next time Zero the Hero visits  (his letter said he would visit again) someone gets to wear the cape and be the helper at Morning Math Meeting.  When do you think he will visit again?  Leave a sticky on the wall with your prediction.

Miss Gilbert

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  1. Is it possible for you to post the letter from Zero the Hero that was included in the box? THANKS!!!