Sunday, September 2, 2012

Donor's Choose

Our class had a project funded through Donor's Choose!  (Starbuck's was our donor.  A $279 donation....they must know I love coffee and that I am a gold member.)  The supplies were delivered last Thursday.  We will be working on our Thank You's this week.
Popular science author Gail Gibbons introduces students to the fascinating lives of the world’s most intriguing animals…from the biggest whales to the tiniest spiders. Set includes all 5 kits shown, each with 4 copies of the book, plus a read-along CD that narrates the story word for word.
I have created 2 more projects.  BOTH have been awarded matching grants from amazing teaching resource companies, which means we are half way to earning more supplies for our classroom.  Click the links below to check them out!  Please share with anyone or any businesses you think would be interested in donating to our projects!
Teaching with Ten Frames

Roll the Dice Math Stations

Miss Gilbert

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