Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring is HERE

Spring is officially here!  (Too bad the weather didn't feel like spring weather the whole time we were on Spring Break.)

Here are a few pictures from before Spring Break.  Enjoy!

In Reading Group:
We read Cat in the Hat.
Mrs. Via was our guest reader for Read Across America Day!
We made Cat in the Hats

Then we wrote about if we would like the Cat in the Hat to come to our house!  Most of us said no, because our mom's would not like the mess he would make!

We also read Yertle the Turtle.

We wrote our opinions on Yertle as a king.  (We all agreed that he wasn't a good one!)

They also met a challenge I set for them in January!  ALL 20 first and second graders in my Reading Group earned a Reading Counts Award!  We had a small celebration the day before Spring Break.  Some of us have even earned our second or third award....WOW!!!  WAY TO GO!  Keep up the great reading!

In Homeroom:
Taste the Rainbow....a sorting, graphing and interpreting data activity!  (With a sweet treat at the end!)

I hope you all are having a fabulous break....enjoy your last 2 days!
Don't forget to send in your permission slip and $4 for the Jack Hartman concert on Monday if you haven't already.  The concert is only a few days away!

Miss Gilbert

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  1. Congrads to your kids with theReading Counts Awards!! Awesome job!!