Sunday, March 3, 2013

Polar Animals

In Reading Groups we have been learning all about Polar Animals.  Each group chose an animal to study for the month of February.  We asked questions, did research, wrote reports, and created things!  We learned SO MUCH and really improved on our Reading and Language Arts skills while doing so.  We created a nice display in our hallway for everyone to see.  Even the big 5th graders enjoyed our display and learned information from our reports!!!  The display is still up if you want to come by and take a look.  (We did lose a few pieces in the wind this weekend, but thankfully most things survived.)  Here are some pictures in case you don't get to stop by and see the display.
Walrus (Mrs. Szlosek's class)
Real life size!!

Arctic Hare (Mrs. Treur's class)

Penguin (Ms. Gilbert's class)

Real life size of the smallest penguin!

Real life size of the largest penguin!
We measured and graphed ourselves against the Emperor penguin.
Most of us are taller than one!

Polar Bear (Ms. Fischer's class)

That is how big a polar bear's paw is!

Polar Bears can be 10 feet tall....WOW!

We hope you enjoyed our display!  

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