Saturday, January 7, 2012

Was that really only a 3 day week?

We were only in school 3 days this week?  So much happened that it seemed like a full week!

First of all, we had two new friends join our class....that is always very exciting.  Welcome Joshua and Peyton!

We had our 80th day of school.  That means there are only 100 left....yikes!  Zero the Hero left us snowballs and marshmallows.  
8 is even because there are none
left over if you make groups of 2!

Miss Gilbert's Reading Group reached the goal of EVERY STUDENT earning a Reading Counts Award.  Our picture will be on the news Monday morning.  The entire school is VERY impressed with us since usually only the big kid classes reach the 100% goal.

3 snowmen, 6 mittens, 9 buttons

     We made our Winter Growing

We pretended we lived in a snow globe and wrote what it would be like (using our 5 senses).  The final products turned out super cute.  Some are even on the first grade bulletin board in the hallway!

Reading homework and behavior pages will start up again next week.  See you Monday!

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