Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pedro and Penelope Penguin

Our Reading Group is learning about penguins.  We have a fun take home project to go along with it!  Pedro and Penelope are our Class Penguins.  We are taking turns having them come home with us.  When they come back, we learn all about the adventures they had at our houses.  So far Pedro and Penelope are having a BLAST.  Pedro has been out to dinner, to a piano lesson and hung out at the transformers fire house!  Penelope went to the beach and rode a scooter (video below). She even got a make over while she was visiting Lana.  (She really looks like a girl penguin now with all of her pink accessories!)  And guess what.....Penelope is at Disney World right now!  What lucky penguins Pedro and Penelope are.

Our centers also all had penguins in them this week.

We followed written directions to make our own penguins.

We read Tacky Goes to Camp on the iPads.

We read nonfiction books and wrote penguin facts on fish.  Then we got to hang them on the bulletin board all by ourSELF!


  1. Sounds like the penguins are enjoying your first grade friends!

  2. Penelope had a great time at Disney World. Abby can't wait to share with the class.

    :) Ann