Sunday, September 11, 2011

Week 3 Wrap Up

What a great 3 weeks in first grade so far.  Our class is doing awesome with our routines and procedures! This week we conducted our first science investigation (watch our video below), started our unit on families in Social Studies, began Math Groups, and worked hard in Reading Groups.

Keep bringing your binder to and from school everyday and empty your folder out nightly.  If your reading teacher has started sending home your Reading Bag, please keep everything in the bag and bring it to school daily.  (If your Reading Bag has not been sent home yet, it will be in the next week or so.  Some Reading Teachers are finishing up assessments.)

Cold and Flu season has arrived in First Grade.  Our classroom has been going through the tissues and  could use more if you happen to be at the store. (Publix has them on sale this week!)  We are practicing covering our mouths, using tissues, and ALWAYS using hand sanitizer when we sneeze.   Please remember it is school policy to keep your child home if they are running a temperature.  They must be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school.  First Graders like to share everything......but we don't want to share our germs!

Looking forward to a great Week 4!
Miss Gilbert

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