Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Trouble Posting Comments?

If you are having trouble posting a comment, follow these steps:
1.  Go to http://www.blogger.com
2.  Log in with a google email.
3.  UNCHECK "Stay signed in"
4.  Sign in
5.  Scroll down a little until you see Reading List
6.  Click the blue ADD button
7.  Type gilbertfirstgrade.blogspot.com in the box
8.  Our blog should show up.  Click on any of the blue First Grade Fun links.
9.  Go to the post you want to comment on, click on 1/2, etc. comments
10.  Make sure it is your user name beside "comment as"
11.  Type your comment
12.  Publish Comment

If this does not work, leaving a post as annonymous has been working.....for now.  Fingers crossed!  Hope this helps/works!


  1. Awesome--thanks for the info now we can post! Love the blog so much!

  2. Thanks for letting me know what I was doing wrong. Love the blog and love keeping track of what you are doing in your class.