Saturday, December 13, 2014

Chip Has Been Busy......

And so have we!
We took our VLT's (Volusia Literacy Tests) this week and all worked very hard! First graders had a field trip to the museum, we all practiced computer programming and we finished up our letters trying to persuade Santa to hire us as one of his elves. 

Chip was busy too! 
He tried to help Ms. Gilbert out by making copies for her. He decided using the copy machine was harder than it looks!

He also helped us decorate by making a Christmas Tree for us. It looked very pretty but he had a little trouble with the sticky tape!
Chip also made himself into a snowman because he hung out with Frosty one night at the North Pole. 
Being a snowman made him want to bring us some snowballs from the North Pole. Apparently Zero the Hero double dog dared him to throw one. You can see what happened next!
All of the snow must have made Chip sick because he didn't leave us a note on Friday. This is where we found him. 
We sure hope he feels better soon! 

Next week will be fun but we will still have lots of work to do. We have to take our VMT's (Volusia Math Tests), will be finishing up our weather unit in science and our changes in America unit in social studies. 
Here is our schedule:
Monday - Gingerbread Day. We will be reading and comparing the many different versions of the Gingerbread Man.  
Tuesday - Grinch Day. We will read How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Wear green!
Wednesday - Polar Express Day. Remember to bring in something to share about your favorite holiday custom.  
Thursday - Snow Day. Please sign and return the permission slip if you give your child permission to watch Frozen with us! Wear your pajamas! 
Friday - No School! 

I am looking forward to our fun week of learning next week!
Ms. Gilbert

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