Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween Learning Fun!

We have been so busy in first grade...storybook character pumpkins, bats and spiders non fiction display, super science spooktacular day, and pumpkin math and science activities!
Here are a few pictures to share with you.

Storybook Character Pumpkins:

Bats and Spiders Non Fiction Display:
These are just a few pictures.  Ask your first grader what they learned about bats and spiders!  The student's writings were FANTASTIC!!! 
Super Science Spooktacular Day:
Have your first grader teach you what they learned during each investigation!
Pumpkin Math and Science:
We measured our pumpkin's height and circumference, weighed it, counted the seeds, counted the ribs, described it using our five senses, and did an investigation to see if it would sink or float!
Have your first grader share their Pumpkin Observation book with you!
Now it is time to move on to November!  Look for more fun projects in your homework folder this month!  Remember to initial the calendar after your student does their homework every night.  We appreciate parents assisting their child with homework and projects when needed, but please make sure your child is doing the work themselves.

Cold, flu and allergy season has hit first grade!  We are in desperate need of hand sanitizer and tissues!
Ms. Gilbert

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  1. Those are some awesome storybook pumpkins! I hope I get to help with Thanksgiving and Christmas activities!!