Sunday, November 4, 2012

What a Week!

We had a very busy week!  Here are some pictures from some of our activities!
Our door was decorated for the week!  
On Tuesday we had Super Science Spooktacular Day!  We traveled to each first grade classroom for a fun science investigation.

In Mrs. Szlosek's room we learned about dry ice.

And even had a spooky treat!
Not only is dry ice very cool to use, it helped us understand many science concepts.  For example, the fog went to the ground, so we learned that air is lighter than fog!

In Mrs. Treur's room we investigated how to make a boat that would float.  After we made a boat that could float, we tried to see how many ghosts (marshmallows) could be in the boat before it would sink.

In our classroom we investigated why spiders do not stick to their own webs and how spiders eat their prey!

Spiders have oil on their legs.  That's why they don't stick to their own webs!

We got to squirt "venom" on our "prey" to liquify it just like real spiders!  Ask your student how it works!

In Mrs. Fischer's class we learned about fire safety.  October is Fire Safety month!  Ask your student what fire needs to burn.

That afternoon we started our Pumpkin Math and Science activities.  We spent the afternoon and next morning predicting, weighing, measuring and counting.  We learned that big and little pumpkins float.  Most of us predicted they would sink!

Look at all of those seeds!  Together our two pumpkins had over 1000 seeds.  Good thing we knew to put them into groups of 10 to make counting them easier!

Ms. Tina and Ms. Cathy helped us with our pumpkins.  Thank you ladies!
The next day we did another investigation to see if pumpkin seeds sink or float.  What do you predict?  Ask your student the answer!
I hope you enjoyed our pictures!
Miss Gilbert